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Mayflower has become a popular source of high-protein meats for use in the BARF diet for dogs.

A growing number of dog owners, veterinarians and breeders are adopting  BARF diet foods in place of commercially processed kibbles and canned foods, or table scraps. First developed by an Australian veterinarian, 'BARF' variously refers to "Biologically Appropriate Raw Food," or "Bones And Raw Food," or even "Born Again Raw Feeders."

By any name, the BARF diet usually consists of raw bones (uncooked—important, so as not to splinter), raw meat and meat products, mixed with raw vegetables, and other ingredients, fed either whole or ground. Advocates report that not only are these ingredients more natural to the canine digestive system but more healthful as well. For more information on the BARF Diet click here.

For users of the BARF diet, Mayflower can provide fresh or frozen supplies of all turkey and chicken parts, as well as organ and other parts from beef, lamb, rabbit, and many other animals.

Our helpful, knowledgeable staff will be happy to package whatever parts you prefer, and can even custom grind a BARF blend just for your best friend!

For more info on BARF click here.

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